What is Effective Design and why it Differs from Beautiful Design.

Suppose you want to win a car race then you will choose Farari and not Rolls. Beautifull does not mean that it can achieve all targets .  Even being efficient is not enough. Effectiveness is required. In my management education we were taught that  Efficient means  Doing things Right and Effectiveness means Doing Right things. So if you are not doing right things then all your efforts are worthless. Similarly we have to design a system which can increase effectiveness and achieve it’s purpose. Suppose  if we have to design a website  then we have to make sure that it is designed taking care of it’s primary purpose. For Effectiveness design sensibility is very important and is directly dependent on it’s purpose / Goal.

So if we are designing  a back office for Travel Agents then  make sure that from preseed to final Implementation process is effective , Effective in design sensibility , Effective in user adoption , effective in increasing sales , effective not only to process but effective to people. People can consider it as supporting tool around it and not just a process part. Feel free to ask us at alok @ bhartiweb.com