Do you think that Task Management Tool should be a part of Email Management System?

Most of us believe that Task Management Tool is an extension of Email Management system or a part of the same. However, as the business scenarios are changing, more and more challenges crop up and these challenges require a robust system beyond the task tool extension of email system. We can put it in better words by saying that now is the time to need an effective task management system where email management is a part. It is still incomplete though a lot of task listing system has come up. Sadly, these are just list management system which has no priorities and doesn’t understand how to save your time. You simply can’t customize it.

Better communication history and task integration is needed. We require most of the tasks that do not require critical/strategic thinking as it will otherwise take more time to manage. The system should adapt to the requirements and NOT vice-versa. Leads / Task / History of communication / Communication notes / Pricing strategies and ever changing offers / Alerts / Reminders / Ask and Find / Communication W.r.t. clients should be integrated synergistically to increase one’s effectiveness and not just efficiency. Check our Back Office tools to understand this in details.