Run Business Win Business: Theories and Principles

Our Senior Project Manager at Bhartiweb, Mr.  Kamil  has recently written this book.


Run Business Win Business: Theories and Principles (Entrepreneur Management)

The book deals with theories and principles of management that are practiced universally to solve problems in all types of organizations whether small, medium or large which altogether contribute to an economy. The book is intended to serve as textbook as well as handbook for entrepreneurs running micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), students of management, management consultants, and people in management positions in large organizations. The book has been concisely written but covers exhaustive topics in seventeen chapters organized in five parts. Part I deals with general economic theories and elements of social and economic environment in India for growth of businesses. Part II describes theories and principles for starting a business, while Part III deals with theory and principle for operational and strategic management. Two chapters of Part IV relate to quality and standard practices required for product quality and productivity management. Lastly, three chapters in Part V are related to factors of entrepreneurship development and social responsibility of businesses.