The Art of War and Your Business Strategy in Technology Era.

Sun Tzu in The Art of War points out ways you can really screw things up as a leader:

* Having insufficient vision and a poor overview of the situation.

* This resultsin using the incorrect amount of resources or methods to meet the right challenges.

* Not being decisive or flexible enough to exploit opportunities – not knowing when to act / when not to act

* Running an organization that does not have the means to respond to your directives & isn’t able to act on its own initiative when required. Recruiting of decisive and strong management is essential here.

* Conversely, not communicating your Goals clearly and leaving your team to their own devices – the mark of a poor leader who has an undisciplined team.

* Poor human resource management skills that utilize the wrong people for the wrong task, the inability to motivate your team or facilitate it.

Most of the time we are busy with doing trivial many and  leave  the important few because these trivial many things requires lots of your time.
Applying DMS and CRM Applications helps in taking care of Trivial many and you can concentrate more on important few things to do which can improve your chance of success.