CRM Travel Implementation Case Study

CRM Travel Implementation Case Study

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Advanced Customer Relationship Management 1.2.0
for Travel Agents and Tour Operators.

This portal helps in improving quality of work at your workplace and saves time, thus making you more effective.

As we are targeting the improvement of marketing performance, Our Productivity software CRMTRAVEL provides best opportunity to efficiently manage leads, convert leads, manage clients and re-market your products and services.

We have designed Customer Relationship Management with intelligent “decision engine” to create efficiency engine. We believe in CRM adoption and not CRM installation. It is all about creating a culture of disciplined thought and action for best results. We create things with a passion. It’s all about you & making your team Efficient which is the Key to effectiveness.

Alok Bharti

Why Our Productivity software CRMTRAVEL ?

  • Time Management (Time planning and management system) is the Key.
  • Purpose is just not to automate the process but to equip you and your team a set of tools and techniques to take care of lots many things so that you can focus on more creative part of the work and maximize your productivity.
  • Manage Leads with reminders, alerts, reschedules, improvises reply by collaborating with team head, manage Potentials, manage costing sheet and more…
  • System Communication system , Mail Quality Management by standard mailer and Customization integration., Collaboration, better itinerary search and its management , Better Coordination with Operations , accounts and Team leaders and Directors
  • Business Intelligence MIS

Apart from benefits it is not a software which requires lots of learning. 25 Min. is enough to learn it.

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